January 26, 2016



Contrapposto II, 16 x 20



In my thirties, when I was going through a difficult time, I took my first yoga class. The class was at a remarkable log building retreat in deep Lanark.


The "yoga studio" had a burning woodstove and after every class we had a hot...

January 18, 2016



 Acceptance, 14 x 14


I have a friend Chloe.


Chloe doesn’t take up a lot of space in the world. She has curly reddish hair, light blue eyes, a pointed nose, freckles all over her body and a gentleness that is striking. Sometimes she is just awkward and shy. She isn’t...

January 9, 2016


“Hanns is dying,” said my friend Cath.


 “What kind of dying?” I asked.

“Dying, dying.” She responded.


My defensive response followed years of my mother dying, an ongoing guilt about her imminent death which repeated itself countless times.


When someone is dying, the ru...

January 6, 2016



It shocks me that I was once a figure skater. I laugh to think I even won some medals. 


The 1970s figure skating world featured a musical repertoire that was unspeakably appalling. Some tinny perversions of the waltz I have not heard since. 


Life’s pleasures, skating...

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