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Creative Coaching:

Guiding the Inner Critic towards being a Supportive Studio Friend

6 week Personalized Coaching Package: $375

         --Sometimes a little warm support is              all we need to let our light shine.


Creative Coaching Package:

(You choose a day of the week for our weekly online discussion/deliverables)

Week 1: You fill out a written questionnaire outlining your particular hopes and challenges and your creative history. 

In a 45 minute phone or Skype sessions we will brainstorm around reasonable goals, what additional supports/technical tips might be helpful. I can give you a series of projects or you can set your own.

I will send you a 6 week contract for you to make with yourself, based upon the previous conversation.

Week 2-5: A 15 minute phone check in 1 x a week for 5 weeks (or bi-weekly). You will submit to me samples of your productivity and I will provide you with support and any technical advice if you wish, (or just encouragement if that suits your temperament better).

Week 6: 20 minute round up: Having established some creative habits, taking stock of what will support you in an independent creative practice​.

Everyone has a creative offering.

Getting going and staying focused can be tricky.

You aren't alone!

I believe creative self-expression offers something that is enormously satisfying.

That is why we the subject haunts us. We are designed to settle into ourselves making things. 

I have a great deal of  experience in talking to painters, students and creatives about what might holds them back or what could propel them forward.

Sometimes we need a sounding board to know our obstacles,  need to receive some encouragement and give ourselves formalized chunks of time. 

And a delivery date  to align the value you place on creativity with how you actually spend your time. 

*Please note that I am not a psychologist or licensed counsellor.

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