If you have taken a painting course with me before or have previous painting experience and now want to strengthen your personal practice, this is an opportunity to make it happen!


My introductory painting retreats focus on colour mixing and structured group exercises. 


In this Studio Intensive Workshop the focus is on your solo work with private consults with me to discuss individual goals. You’ll have the opportunity to bring in paintings that inspire you, work on an old theme from a new spot, or start several new paintings with a light heart. (I’m a big believer in the artistic benefits of working on multiple paintings at once.)


You can choose to work from a series of structured exercises I will provide, or work in discovery mode without a plan. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy devoted time and space, eat really tasty, nutritious food and leave feeling a little looked after!


As with all my workshops, my focus is on strengthening our mental-visual muscle: softening our common psychic obstacles, getting in the flow and widening our perceptual abilities in order to create more deeply expressive and dynamic work.


Deepening Your Painting Practice


Sat Nov 30 & Sun Dec 1

(Sat: 9:30am-3pm, hot lunch and snacks included,

Sun: 9:30am-1pm, snacks and drinks)


All materials included option (includes 5 boards, paint,

Beg Borrow or Steal an Easel), $50.



Sat Feb 1 & Sun Feb2, 2020


Experimenting with colour mixing. Creating dynamic compositions. Developing your existing painting practice or acquiring some structure as a newbie painter. Colour mixing exercises are followed by open studio time with one on one guidance. 

Includes warm lunch on Saturday, baked goods and drinks. Sunday, plenty of treats.


Workshop Testimonials:

Thank you for organizing such a lovely learning experience this weekend. Whether we came to learn or play, we left satisfied we had accomplished both! The two-days were jam-packed with tidbits of practical knowledge that we started to use through the exercises. The workshop nicely mixed group learning with opportunities for individual learning and 1:1 coaching. Everything was expertly planned on your part - from the paint station and materials prep to the individual painting stations (throughout your house - that was a special treat) to the entire sequence of events and even that delicious lunch!

--Jennifer Verma

I really enjoyed myself and found the atmosphere you created  to be very comforting and conducive to taking that leap of faith.  I have continued to paint/sketch since the weekend so I do believe you have helped open that door for me. 
There was so much knowledge imparted over the three days. I will need time to internalize it all. My notes will help. I did not feel overwhelmed, however, just came away feeling that my own creativity was encouraged and guided.

--Penny Cumbaa

Your approach to workshops really fits with me. I like the comments / tips you offer, I like hearing your philosophies and what art means to you and your articulation of it.

I like how you keep “on” your students to step back, step away, start a new painting, look at the work as if you’re another person etc. as well as all the general encouragement / coaching that comes through just by being in the room with you. It’s a really positive and useful atmosphere to be within.

It’s also always inspiring to meet the people in the workshop and share their experiences in creating art.

--Jill McCubbin

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. I feel I have learned lots, and have a better idea of what I want/need to focus and work on from this point on.

I love that your guidance is very positive and constructive. 

I felt that the colour and drawing exercises were a great way to prepare and "immerse" myself in "my "creative space.

--Sylvie Dagenais-Douville