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Frequently Asked Questions/Sales Policy


How long does it take you to do a painting?
I work on many pieces at the same time. Sometimes I will work on a painting for months and it still is waiting for that last brushstroke. Occasionally a painting is finished in three sessions. Some paintings never come to fruition. I paint daily.
Can I pay in instalments? 
Absolutely. And with payments set up, you can take the painting home too! 
I like paintings to be paid off in 4-6 months.
Can I try this painting in my home first? 
Yes. I totally understand patrons wanting to purchase with confidence.
Because these are one of a kind items I ask for payment in full.
If you return the painting in its original condition within 7 days, you will receive a full refund.

What about irregularities in the surface of the artwork?

My paintings are created over months if not years, have layers and layers of decisions that underpin the final surface and . They are not manufactured items but handmade objects made with the highest quality pigments that will last generations. As in museums, original artworks include bumps, brushwork, and irregularities. These are not defects.

Do you do Commissions?

At present I am not taking commissions.


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