Frequently Asked Questions/Sales Policy



How long does it take you to do a painting?


I work on many pieces at the same time. Sometimes I will work on a painting for weeks and it still is waiting for that last brushstroke. Occasionally a painting is finished in three sessions. Some paintings never come to fruition. I paint daily.


Do you take Commissions?


Yes. If you are looking for a reworking of a theme I have done before or you have a particular idea in mind, send me a photo. I will begin the painting, send you an image of the early compositiong. If the client is happy with the composition they will make a 10% deposit. Six weeks to one month from the agreement to finished painting is required.


Can I pay in instalments? 


Absolutely. And with payments set up, you can take the painting home too! 


I like paintings to be paid off in 4-6 months.


Can I try this painting in my home first? 


Yes. I totally understand patrons wanting to purchase with confidence. Because these are one of a kind items I ask for payment in full.


If you return the painting in its original condition within 10 days, you will receive a full refund.