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Original Painting by Canadian Artist Rosemary Leach.

Archival quality acrylic paint on wood panel with matte finish. Edge is finished in linen/off white.

Signed by the artist.

W: 24"

H: 20"

D: 1.75"


When people spill their guts, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Finally, something real.


While emotionally I find Mexicans restrained, the materiality of people’s lives spill onto the street. Electrical wires dangle, and dishes and laundry and cleaning supplies reveal life lived. “Measure” holds both the gas bill and the decorative tile, containing our ugliness and our jubilation (which incidentally, is the Spanish word for retirement).




SKU: 035
  • Free Shipping within Canada. Additional charge for International Shipping (see end of product list for International Shipping package).

    Collectors may return a painting within 7 days.

    A full refund will be issued when the painting is received intact in its original packaging.

  • The artist retains copyright of all artwork and reproduction is an infringement. 

    Rosemary Leach paintings are made with the highest quality archival materials and ready to hang. As with all artwork made by hand, the works have irregularities in the surface including brushwork and paint texture. Paintings may safely be wiped with a dry or lightly dampened lint-free cloth.

    Artworks should never be exposed to direct sunlight.


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