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Porch Conversations

Last night we were sitting on our porch. Our friend we were having dinner with, who is a composer, said “Canadians don’t deserve art. I hope next week they go to turn on their radio” and he leans forward to turn the knob, “and there is silence.” That’ll learn ‘em, he gestured with his middle finger. Ouch. It is the second time this week I’ve chatted with a seasoned artist who feels tired, bitter and wanting something...recognition (or to be more specific; money) but really a sense of security as they head toward more senior years. This morning I had the luxury of riding my bicycle along back roads of rolling hills, hay bales, thick mixed forest and not a soul around. I came home and opened t

Sometimes it is Okay Not to Know

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating. --Oscar Wilde The Model Millionaire Ahh this made me laugh. We leave Guanajuato in twelve days. Leaving Mexico is the end of a project that began a year and a half ago....or perhaps decades ago when somehow I committed to the idea that my (then imaginary) children should experience another culture fully. Meantime on the meat and potatoes front, Jake, my better half, has sent a book off to a publisher and is headed back into some contract writing. I’m finishing a few commissions. Last week my son Max wrote a summary of the last year of his grade 8 year, homeschooling in the fall and living in Mexico for six months, the crunchy wi

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